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This information is compiled from the records of the UK P&I Club as at 7 December 2021, but it is not a warranty that any of the ships listed is in fact entered with the UK P&I Club. Every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, but the Club cannot accept any responsibility for losses or liabilities caused by errors or omissions or by reliance on the information on this page.

The entry of this ship in the UK P&I Club is subject to the Club Rules and the Member's terms of entry, including all provisions as to payment of calls.

If the inclusion of this entry in the Club's Ship Finder is used as evidence of insurance or is reproduced and shown to any party as evidence of insurance, it must be clearly understood that the information contained in this Ship Finder relates only to the date on which the database is accessed (or the information reproduced) and that the insurance is subject to the Club Rules and the Member's terms of entry. Such use of this entry in the Ship Finder is not to be taken as any indication that the Club thereby consents to act as guarantor or to be sued directly in any jurisdiction whatsoever. The Club does not so consent.

Information relating to blue cards and MLC Certificates issued for a future period, such as advance confirmation of the issue of a blue card/MLC Certificate covering a future period, could be subject to change and should therefore be re-confirmed at the relevant time. Where a future period is shown it is likely that the Club has also issued documents relating to the current policy year however our website only displays the most recent document issued. For further confirmation or should you have any questions please contact

To access the full terms and conditions of the MLC 2006 extension clause 2016 please visit our MLC landing page at